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Hayes to IS mount adaptors

How to make your brakes fit

If you have standard IS forks mounts (51mm hole spacing) and a QR front wheel then you can use this adaptor to fit a 6 inch disc. It comes standard on hayes front calipers.

If you have a 20mm front axle (includes QR20) then you use an adaptor which looks identical but wider.
This adaptor fits a Hayes rear brake to IS rear mounts with a six inch disc. It comes standard on Hayes rear calipers.

When this adaptor is used on the front it allows use of a 180mm disc.
Please note that Hayes do not make a 180mm disc, this is guaranteed to void your warranty.
This is a manitou 6-8 inch fork adaptor. It is designed to allow manitou post mount forks to run 8 inch rotors.

It also allows any QR fork to run an 8 inch rotor, simply bolt it to your original adaptor.

Please note this is also guaranteed to void your warranty (unless it's on a manitou).
To fit an 8 inch rotor to IS frame mounts requires the use of this adaptor.

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