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MACPAC is a New Zealand outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer of legendary status. Their products do exactly what they should and will keep on doing it for at least the next ten years.
If you want to stay warm dry and comfortable or simply survive in the outdoors then check out

The University of Canterbury is my chosen place of study. It is one of only two New Zealand University's to offer engineering courses. is the website that sparked the bike half of my site.

The New Zealand Mountain Bike Web ( is run by the Kennett Brothers, the driving force behind NZ mountain biking and the world cup bids. Contains discussion and buy/sell forums for fat tire riding Kiwi's.

The Angry Asian is a suspension tech like myself. A nice site with professional layout and more forks added daily.
If your forks suck go and visit is the website of the motorcycle company that manufactures manitou suspension.

CUMBC, Canterbury University Mountain Bike Club